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Accommodation – Re-opening

Precautionary measures concerning COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Guests,

We are a step far from the formal re-opening of our hotel. So we would like to inform you about the precautionary measures we have taken in order to maintain your health and safety concerning COVID-19 pandemic.

Personnel Training

We inform you that our personnel have received all the necessary information and training about COVID-19 and the enhanced procedures. Our staff is ready to implement infection prevention measures along with the necessary information to our customers. All our staff knows their role, regardless of department they work in.

Trained Team Managing the Risk

We inform you that our trained team managing the risk in case of COVID-19 situation is in place and will be monitoring every day that all enhanced procedures are applied and work effectively. If there is a need for a modification in a procedure, the revised procedure will be implemented immediately.

Below, you can see the COVID-19 response checklist concerning the re-opening phase.


⮚ We have engaged a trained team to manage a COVID-19 strategy tactic

⮚ We have created a crisis management plan

⮚ We have enhanced procedures and systems in place

⮚ Our guests symptoms will be monitored closely to provide early detection and implementation of emergency plan

⮚ All local infection indicators will be monitored as well to assess the level of overall infection risk

⮚ All hotel facilities are available to test personnel and guests for potential symptoms


⮚ All operating systems are in place to communicate issues and concerns to key stakeholders (e.g. tour operators)

⮚ All guest and personnel communication is ready to ensure call-to-action infection procedures effectively.

⮚ Any arrangement with relevant third party (e.g. tour operators, concession stores, excursion providers) is developed to ensure that infection control arrangements are not violated

⮚ We have developed a guest communication policy

Kind Regards,

Our Hotel Management Team