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Accommodation – Continuation

Precautionary measures concerning COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Guests,

In a few days our hotel will be fully operational again and all additional arrangements concerning COVID-19 pandemic are in place and continue to ensure your safety and health.

We update our hygiene protocols according to formal instructions and our plan continues to be implemented. In case any problem arises, immediate actions would be:

1. To record an illness

2. To monitor closely its development

3. To implement emergency procedures immediately, if needed

Below, you can find all additional arrangements verifying our hygiene status.

Verification of Status

1. All standards in the following areas have been audited and verified:

a. Prevention of spread of infection

b. Food hygiene and health

c. Water safety and legionella prevention

d. Pool/Spa hygiene and safety

e. Room cleaning and housekeeping

2. Any suspicious incident will be maintained and recorded

3. All communications systems are in place to provide ongoing status reports to tour operators

Crisis Managements and Business Continuity

1. All procedures and systems are in place to ensure that the hotel has a crisis management and business continuity plan

2. All additional arrangements are in place for implementing quarantine, separation or isolation required by national protocol standards.

Kind Regards,

Our Hotel Management Team